Chester, The Handmade Resin Chest Monster


Chester scrutinized the latest intruder across the darkened room, his darkened room.  He just couldn’t believe they kept coming. How many fingers would he have to digest before they caught on? If you weren’t his person, you weren’t getting near the goods he stored. His tummy growled…

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The Nerdy-gritty Details (get it? As in Nitty-gritty? …. Nevermind)

“Hey there! Wanna buy some….treasure?”

Chester, the Handmade Resin Chest Monster, makes us smile. Every nook and cranny is stuffed with details and personality. In other words, to know him is to love him and we do!

The Gaming Geeks’ hand-poured sculptures are made from an organic filler* mixed with resin. They chose to use organic filler as it has a dense wood-like appearance, and should it ever chip or scratch, it’s easy to fix with sanding as the material is consistent all the way through. Because these are hand-poured, there may be some micro-bubbles, which enhances the look of worm-pitted wood. Initial curing takes a little over one day to be solid; but takes several weeks to fully cure.

After pouring, rough edges are sanded down and the lid and base are each checked to ensure a good fit. The chest is then given a paint wash inside and out and rubbed down to enhance the grain of the wood and all the cracks and crevices. Next, the eyes are painted black and then given a glossy clear resin coat to add depth and personality.

Finally, they apply several washes and painted aging effects on the banding, teeth, tongue and the interior. The inside is also sprayed with a clear, matte finish to help prevent paint chipping.

Chester measures approximately 6” x 6” x 6” and highly-detailed on the outside and inside. At nearly FOUR POUNDS, this is a hefty chest!

*NOTE: They use cocoa bean shells for our organic filler. Please be warned if you have an allergy to cocoa.

Click here if you want to learn more about the fabulous peeps who created Chester, the Handmade Resin Chest Monster!

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