Molded Resin Sea Serpent Magnets (Set of 3)


Straight from the world maps of ye olden times! This sea serpent will bring joy to your heart when you see it smiling on your fridge! Or at least pretend to be happy to see it….it got pretty lonely guarding the edge of the world and now it just wants some friends….or a snack. Nobody knows for sure…

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The Nerdy-gritty Details (get it? As in Nitty-gritty? …. Nevermind)

This wonderful molded resin Sea Serpent magnet set is based on R. A. Hapke’s “Old World Style”, found on some of The Gaming Geeks’ map designs. Only partially visible, the sea serpent rises from depths. How massive is this beast? Are they friend or foe? Both questions; impossible to answer until it’s too late.

Russ and Dan have always wanted to see this fellow in some sort of sculptural relief, and the decision to design these magnets has allowed them to do just that. To ensure high detail, they started their Sea Serpent journey by hand-carving their design from Plasticine clay. Next, the sculpts were hand-molded in silicone to create the casting molds for the resin. The pieces are cast in a dense resin, but light enough to be held to a vertical surface. Each piece is drilled and mounted with *two neodymium magnets. Every set is hand painted, and the eyes are given a small coat of clear resin. Each piece in this set is approximately 3.5” x 3.5”.

*Please be aware, these magnets are metal and could scratch delicate surfaces!

Click here if you want to learn more about the fabulous peeps who created these Molded Resin Sea Serpent Magnet set!

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