LGBTQ+ Pride Dragon Bagon (Options)


Part of our new Pride range, these multifaceted LGBTQ+ Pride Dragon Bagons are handmade with love.

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The Nerdy-gritty Details (get it? As in Nitty-gritty? …. Nevermind)

Part of our new Pride range, this Dragon Bagon is a LGBTQ+ Pride Dragon Dice Bag are handmade with love. Ace, Bi, Pan, and Bright or Pastel Trans colourful dice bags Holds 100 dice comfortably Made from cuddly microfleece

We’re running out of space so it’s time for this draconic wee darling to fly the nest.

Dragon Bagons are ferociously cute guardians for your dice, jewellery, and other treasures.

Made from cuddly microfleece, polar fleece, fleece, cotton rattail cord, polyfill, safety eyes
Holds 100+ standard dice
Loop at the back of the wings so your Dragon Bagon can clip on to your bag, belt, etc
Double drawstring dicebag closure

If you need a dragon in your life, now’s your chance to bring this unique little beastie home. From our colour test batches, there’s no other like them.

Note: Dragon Bagons are not intended for children due to the drawstring and eyes.

These adorable multi coloured dragons love rainbow dice, glitter dice, or for preference, rainbow-glitter dice. Holds 100 standard dice (in all colours) If you need a guardian for your hoard of dice, treasure or trinkets, a Dragon Bagon could be your new best friend.

Click here to learn more about Bridget, the creator of these LGBTQ+ Pride Dragon Dice Bag! 

Hey, nerdy friend! If you’ve looked everywhere on Nerdychicken but just can’t find the perfect product from Bridget, maybe you could find what your looking for in her Etsy shop! Just follow this link!


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