Handmade Leather Green, Gold, and Yellow Dragon Eye Dice Bag


This Beautiful, Unique Black Leather Dice Bag adorned with a Hand Painted, multi-faceted Dragon Eye in Shining Shades of Green, Gold and Yellow, is a crowning glory for any collection.

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The Nerdy-gritty Details (get it? As in Nitty-gritty? …. Nevermind)

A Beautifully Unique Black Leather Dragon Eye Dice Bag, Hand Painted in Shining Shades of Green, Gold and Yellow; it is a show stopper. Stare into its Multi-Faceted, light reflective eye if you dare. Some say, if you cannot match its will, it reaches into the deepest depth of your soul to reveal your darkest desires. If you can tear your eyes away, you will note that the leathery “dragon hide” has been Painted in colours to perfectly complement the glimmering, malevolent Eye. Bronze Coloured Studs and a Skull and Claw charm affixed to the leather draw cord, complete the look of this magnificent bag. It Measures approximately 7.5″ Tall by 6.5″ Wide and has a Round Bottom, enabling it to stand on its own. Lastly, it Holds up to approximately 130 Dice or a comparative amount of your treasure of choice and will close securely, using the spring toggle.

Each Embrace Leather bag is lovingly and uniquely crafted. First, the journey starts with the hand painted glass eye then moves onto the leather shaping and crafting. After that, comes the task of setting the eye, painting the leather, and sewing the bag. Finally, finishing touches are applied; sealing the leather to protect it and adding adornments. It’s a time consuming labour of love and they wouldn’t have it any other way. In other words, these bags are a singularity in this world of automation. We love the results and we know you will too!

Click here to learn more about the creator of this magnificent leather dragon eye dice bag!

And hey, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here at Nerdychicken, then go ahead and click this link to see even more nerdy goodness from EmBrace Leather!

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