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Stunningly Fragrant Cantrip Candles, Lame Chicken

Ok, ok, ok….so, this is the very first unboxing video I have ever done! I have no idea what I am doing!!!! Please, be nice and don’t give my fragile ego too much of a beating! Having said that, I would gladly entertain any helpful suggestions to make the final product better.

I barely say anything about the things I totally should have said!!! All of these candles are available on !!!! Go get some now!!!

Also! Christoff of Cantrip Candles Fame, is a true gentleman! He was so kind and patient with me and there to help when I started to panic about stuff! We aren’t able carry everything he has to offer in his shop so….AFTER you peruse , you should really check out . Christoff’s candles are high quality and they smell edible….seriously!!!

Oh yeah!!! Thanks to my wonderful son Caleb for doing a little editing to make this video a “little less cringe”. I hope you still love me after you watch. Gleep!

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