Astounding Hand Painted Leather Dragon Eye Treasure Chest


This Striking Leather Dragon Eye Treasure Chest will hold and protect any treasure you wish! Whether its dice, trinkets, jewelry, money, or your leftover sandwich from last week, this dragon chest will protect its contents with extreme violence, so use with caution and store in a safe place out of the reach of small children….or anyone you care about….or any living thing for that matter.

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The Nerdy-gritty Details (get it? As in Nitty-gritty? …. Nevermind)

If you have ever dreamt of having your very own dragon eye treasure chest, this item is for you! Hand Painted in rich shades of bronze and red, the dragon’s glass eye is highly reflective and has surprising depth due to the skillful application of the layers of shimmering colour. The leather “dragon hide” has been beautifully molded around a wooden box and painted in complementary colours that bring the dragon to life. In addition, the inside of the box has been lined with luxurious black velvet.  Finally, the chest is equipped with fancy bronze plated metal hinges, front latch and ornate feet. One of our favourite features is the sweet padlock that comes with two skeleton keys attached to a bronze metal dragon claw charm. Trevor, we call him “Stumpy” now, can confirm that this chest protects its contents with swift and ruthless precision….and pain, there was definitely pain.


The external size of the dragon eye treasure chest is 21.5cm wide x 15cm deep x 10.6 cm high (11.6 cm high including feet). Internally, it measures approximately 20cm wide x 14 cm deep x 10cm at its tallest point.

Each Embrace Leather Dragon Eye product is lovingly and uniquely crafted. First, the journey starts with the hand painted glass eye then moves onto the leather shaping and crafting. After that, comes the task of setting the eye, painting the leather, and any sewing that may be required. Finally, finishing touches are applied; sealing the leather to protect it and adding adornments. It’s a time consuming labour of love and they wouldn’t have it any other way. In other words, their creations are a singularity in this world of automation. We love the results and we know you will too!

Click here to learn more about the creator of this magnificent leather dragon eye treasure chest!

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