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Imps & Things Fantasy Unboxing

Howdy, Nerdlings!!! I did another unboxing video!!! You should definitely take a look at it. Not for the low production value or my painful awkwardness, but for the products themselves! Also, maybe you could tell me how it ends….I tried to watch myself, after my wonderful son, Caleb, did the editing, but as soon as I heard my own voice, I shut it down. Couldn’t do it! No, sir! So without further ado, onto the Imps & Things unboxing.

Pete Simpson the man behind Imps and things

This unboxing is all about the wonderful sculptures straight from the mindscape of Peter Simpson. Every Imps and Things sculpture is wonderfully quirky and unique. Each of Pete’s fantasy forest friends has its own name and story, so you can know exactly who is watching you from that shelf or tabletop. He breathes life into his creations with an incredible attention to detail evident from their soulful, knowing eyes, to their cute little bellybuttons, all the way down to the dirt under their thick troll toenails. Also, just so you know, not all of Pete’s friends are trolls. Some of them are DRAGONS!!!!

I got Pete to send me one of his dragon heads and I have to tell you, the personality of this guy’s face is beyond compare. He looks like he just wants a friend to love and take care of him. The only thing he could ever roast with his fire breath would be a marshmallow and even then he would probably still feel a little guilty. I love him so much!!!!!

Please, ignore my cringeyness and take a few minutes to give this video a watch, for Pete’s sake. Don’t forget to go on over in the shop and check out Pete’s other amazing products!

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