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Geeky Tendencies Celebrating a Milestone

Hey Nerdlings!!! We have something very exciting to talk about! Our Ferne of Nerfblat Bits has a sister who is also a nerdy creator. Her name his Christine, her brand is Geeky Tendencies, and we are big fans of her and her work! Christine has reached the incredible milestone of 1000 followers on Instagram!!! Speaking as a small business just trying to build a presence on social media, that is huge and we are so proud of her.

We wanted to do a little more for her, to help make sure more people know who she is and a little about her, as a CaNerdian. We got her to tell us a little about herself:

Hi! I’m Christine from Geeky Tendencies. I make tabletop gaming gear. Like dice bags (with handy dandy organizing pockets for your pencils, dice, spell/item cards, tokens, etc.), collapsible dice rolling trays to protect both your tabletop and your fancy click-clack math rocks, and mini card albums to prepare your spell cards or item cards so you are ready to go for game night.  I’m always developing new products, often with a geeky twist, because that’s how I roll. 
I started sewing 1995 when I received a certificate in fashion design with the goal of designing my own wedding dress. In nearly 30 years, I’ve developed skills in hacking and drafting patterns, broadened my sewing techniques and built a fabric hoard. There always seems to be something new and interesting to explore and fun pretty new fabrics to do it with. I’ve tried making most things – once, and some only once, and never again.
I love to read, especially urban fantasy, and sci-fi, so that takes up a big chunk of my spare time.  I also play D&D, most often these days as the DM. I have more swords in my house than most sensible people, and can make a Halloween costume out of stuff in my closet. I’m more likely to pick Star Trek over Star Wars, but Stargate is a strong contender for 2nd place. I’ve never been more productive and happy as I am when I allow myself to take joy in the weird and let my geeky light shine through everything I do.

Just like she said, she lets her geeky light shine through and you can see it in her handmade products. Check them out!

So, to mark the illustrious occasion of 1000 Instagram followers, Geeky Tendencies is hosting a contest to reward all her original and new supporters alike. Christine reached out to us and we jumped at the chance to be part of her celebration. Here is her contest announcement, please check it out!

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