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The Nerdy Holiday Surprise Pt 2

Once back in their humble, yet cozy home, the friends excitedly set about making a perfect spot for their new treasure. Dugbear, whose job it always was to tend the fire, made sure his job was done better than ever before. Nerdy gathered blankets from all their beds and created a great round blanket-nest that cradled the egg just right. She even borrowed Sludge’s favourite stuffed owlbear cub to snuggle in beside the egg.

Sludge, their loveable, mischievous green slimeling, was not used to sharing its toys or the affections of its family, and was experiencing extreme trepidation about this newcomer.

The last the friends had seen of Trevor before going about their tasks, he was spinning and frothing with barely contained enthusiasm. Knowing it would be best for everybody to keep him busy, Dug sent him off to share the news of the gift from Santa with the rest of their friends. Without Trevor there ping-ponging around the room, things had come together quite smoothly. Now, with the egg all wrapped up in front of the blazing fire, Nerdy and Dug smiled and nodded at each other. A job well done.

When, a few minutes later they were still standing and staring at the egg, Dug said, “What now?”

Nerdy, not taking her eyes off the egg, shrugged and gave a long sigh. “I suppose we could do something else, right? It’ll be fine. We could, I don’t know, go back outside and build a snowman or finish the snowfort,” she suggested, sounding dubious at best.

Ten minutes later they sat in the chairs that Dug had retrieved for them when it became obvious neither had any of intention of leaving the egg alone. Sludge, who had knocked all the ornaments off the bottom branches of the tree in an ill-fated attempt to get some attention, now sat on the mantle wondering why his Nerdy and his Dug were so focused on this boring…thingy-whatsit.

Nerdy reached out patted the top of the egg, held her ear to its side and listened for a few seconds.

“Anything?” asked Doug.

“Still nothing,” Nerdy sighed as she shook her head and sat back in her chair. This was going to be a long night.

To be continued….