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The Nerdy Holiday Surprise Pt 1

The friends stared in wonder at the huge speckled egg in the snow before them. They had been out for their usual morning adventure walk when Dugbear, with his excellent adventure seeking eyesight, noticed something unusual in a nearby clearing. It was a large snowy lump with a little bit of blue peeking out.

Once they reached the curious lump, Nerdychicken cleared some of the snow away so the friends could see what they had found. Right away it was clear that they had found a very large egg, but on the last swipe of her hand, Nerdy uncovered a tag that said: From Santa. Trevor got so excited that he triggered a disintegration ray, narrowly missing Dug and Nerdy and taking out a row of trees. Of course, this was not unusual for their nervous friend. They’re workshop was often a scene of chaos and destruction due to Trevor’s involuntary stress responses. However; they knew he must be very excited because they didn’t even know he had a disintegrate mode! After a few moments of staring at each other in shocked silence, Trevor smiled, gave an apologetic shrug (or the beholder equivalent of a shrug) and with each of them making a mental note to have a little chat about this later, their attention turned back to their incredible find.

“From Santa…but who is it for?” asked Nerdy.

Trevor twirled in the air, doing his best impression of a little tornado, “Us, us, us! It’s gotta be for us! Right, guys? RIGHT?”

“Well, no matter who it’s for, staying out here in the cold is probably not good for it”, Dugbear ventured. He and Trevor turned hopeful, pleading eyes toward Nerdy.

Not sure it was the best choice, but feeling it was the right thing to do, she smiled and nodded, “Let’s get this egg home and get it warmed up, then we can think about how to find out who it belongs to.”

None of the friends could hide their excitement at the thought that this egg might be a gift for them, from THE Santa Claus!

With their adventure walk coming to an early yet extremely successful end, Dugbear gingerly picked up the egg and they headed home.

To be continued….