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Streamlined gaming for new and Neuro-diverse players alike! Stress less and play more with this DnD 5e Player Screen!

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Streamlined gaming for new and Neuro-diverse players alike! Stress less and play more with this DnD 5e Player Screen!

As a new player, DM and a Neuro-divergent player – I struggle to remember all the finer details of the game, and from both sides of the DM screen it makes life easier if everyone can see the rules quickly and easily – no flipping through a bulky Player Handbook!

I found that due to inexperience of new players, and things like Object Permanence issues, Short Term Memory loss and concentration problems that can come with Neurodiversity’s – Cheat Sheets got forgotten, or lost among the chaos of the gaming table, and went unused – leaving “Can I do this, How does this work, Oh man am I dead?” to be common utterances at the table.

And so, the Player Screen was born.

For this first version of the Player Screen I went with the most important and universally relevant information regardless of Race or Class.

The left hand panel features the things you can do on your turn, and a reminder to TRY ANYTHING! – It’s a collaborative game, the DM has the last say, but the sky is the limit!

The center panel has the experience points/level up table, Death Saves and how they work, as well as Darkvision, Currency Conversion and Exhaustion.

The right hand panel has a list of conditions and how they apply to you – Poisoned/Petrified/Invisble etc.

The front of the screen features art of a ferocious mimic by me!

The screen is really low profile – 148mm x 630mm (3 x A5 size panels) – so this means you aren’t hidden from the DM and can roll over or beside the screen with ease.

It’s made with a sturdy 2.8mm chipboard, UV printed with a laminated coating – so it’s just like a proper DM screen in weight and quality!

Click here to find out more about the creator of this exceptionally helpful DnD 5e Player Screen!

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