Celtic Flowers Chainmail Earrings


These are hand crafted surgical steel & titanium chainmaille earrings in celtic flowers design in three beautiful contrasting colour options.

SKU: EAR07003



These steel & titanium chainmaille earrings are made by hand from small interconnected surgical steel rings. They’re very strong, durable and resistant to water, sweat, chemicals, saltwater, UV….pretty much everything earrings should be resistant to. The hooks too are made of surgical steel, so the material doesn’t cause any problems, even to people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Hooks may be either regular French hooks, or locking hooks.

Coloured variants are made using anodized titanium (Grades 2 and 5). Titanium is hypoallergenic, durable and resistant the same as surgical steel. It’s a bit harder and much more springy. Also it weighs about one third less than surgical steel. Coloured parts aren’t coloured chemically, nor with any type of artificial colouring, but with electricity (the colour depends on the thickness of oxide on the surface, which depends on the voltage used). So colours are a natural attribute of the material and it doesn’t have any negative effects on the skin.

Colour variants available:

Materials: surgical steel, titanium, surgical, steel, anodized, anodized titanium

Lenght including hooks: 4,7cm
Weight: 4,5g/each
Shipped in a gift box.

–A version of these earrings with the handflower made of silver participated in the Jewel of the Year 2010 competition.

–They go especially well with either Celtic Flowers Bracelet, or Celtic Handflowers.

Click here to learn more about the artist who created this beautiful steel & titanium chainmaille earrings!


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