Flight of Dragons Stirling Silver Earrings


These are wonderfully hand crafted Stirling silver dragon earrings polished to a mirror finish. Crafted in the UK from Lukas Craft!




These Stirling silver dragon earrings are made of a silver alloy (92,5% silver and 7,5% copper). They were sawed out into this shape with high precision using a hand saw. Since they are made from silver, they are resistant to all environmental factors and they don’t cause any allergies or skin irritation. They may tarnish with time, but you can easily polish them back into mirror finish.

The hooks are made of silver too, and they are either regular french hooks, or locking hooks.

Materials: Stirling silver alloy (92,5% silver and 7,5% copper)

Length including hooks: 4,7cm
Weight: 0,75g/each
Shipped in a gift box.

–Naturally, as any other lover of fantasy genre, I too love dragons 🙂

–The earrings are very fine. I’ve heard, that the tail sometimes stings a little, if you get your head into an awkward position, but no one has ever complained about them getting bent, or otherwise damaged. (by the way…if you play with dragons, a little pain is expected 😛 )

–When I worked on dragon designs, I made about 8 of them. Only one was suitable for earrings, and the other successful candidate ended up as a pendant.

Click here to learn more about the artist who created this beautiful Stirling silver dragon earrings!

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