Mike Cameron

CEO, Founder - Dogmight Games

Mike Cameron, with Michael Konas,  founded Dog Might Games under the direction of subtle Eldritch powers that have warped his mind and made him a puppet to forces unbeknownst to mortals.

With over two thousand years of fine woodworking experience, his vision is the piston that drives high quality gaming gear into the collective face of humanity from now until the end of time.

Prone to ‘seizures of rage,’ Mike is usually chained up in the basement during non-business hours.

Michael Konas

CBO, Founder - Dogmight Games

A creative powerhouse with an impressive skill set, Michael C Konas co-founded Dog Might and continues to push the envelope of high quality woodworking.

Michael holds an MFA in painting from the University of Valhalla where he is also an adjunct Professor of Blunted Weapons. He has been a professional artist for 2500 years and has over 2 million pieces in private and commercial collections.

Michael enjoys long walks on the beach and chopping down trees with his bare hands.

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