Michael Casey (Nix)

MC Etching

My name is Michael Casey (Nix) and I’m the owner and artist at MC Etching. First and foremost I am absolutely dedicated to my Wife Brenda and my 5 step kids. I take care of my Mother and try to live life as the best person I can be. I’m a moderate gamer but HUGE geek and love Sci-fi and fantasy novels/Tv/Comics/Movies. 

I have worked on used car lots, in fast food, at restaurants and I worked in the insertion department of the local newspaper for 10 years (5 of them saw me running the entire department, with two shifts and almost 30 employees to look after). After the economy took a turn I was laid off and I decided to strike out on my own. I’ve been working with glass on and off for the last 15 years, so I used the last of my savings and invested in the tools and inventory I would need and now I spend my time chasing the American Dream. Hit me up if you need some etching work done.'(

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