Ferne Hebig

Nerfblat Bits

Good day, you glorious person. You’re awesome just for coming here to Nerdy Chicken’s Shop of Curiosities and even more awesome for checking out my bio! My name is Ferne Hebig and I’m thrilled you’ve joined us here on our adventure.

Where to begin? My start in painting miniatures and creating dioramas came a few years ago when I did a little project for my sister as a Christmas present. I was hooked! Interestingly enough she can’t be bothered to paint minis but plays DnD all the time. I love painting minis and rarely play. What a crazy pair we are! The thing is, I’ve always loved things that are tiny, I even had a collection of tiny furniture when I was a kid (I’m not saying I don’t still have it). I’m also into board game design, another super nerdy venture that I just love doing.

It just so happens I’m also a graphic designer by trade so any excuse to ply my craft in a nerdy/geeky way I’ll pretty much take! Here at Nerdy Chicken I fit right in. I just want to share with other people some of the joy that creating things brings to me. It is my sincere hope that we can provide you with something here that brings some joy into your life (or someone else’s if it’s a gift).

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