Dustin Hartlyn


C4Labs was founded in 2011 by Dustin Hartlyn.  After earning his masters in Management he choose to open is own Laser cutting company.  We began with a niche market making cases for a mini computer called a Raspberry Pi. In 2015 Scott our consummate gamer and dedicated designer joined out team and through his love of games we started our line of gaming accessories.  The name C4Labs was combination of the first small location you rented was “Unit C” and that they are a company with an explosion of ideas. 

 We are consistently in the process of designing new things and trying to push the lasers to do new things.  C4Labs today is a growing small company located in Tacoma, WA and is home to 7 employees ranging from engineers, designers, artists and creative people making things happen.  We all love making great products for people to enjoy!

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