Cori Brownlee

Prairie Girl Creations

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Cori Brownlee moved to Saint John, NB in 2012. She is still very much a prairie girl though. Happily married to her high school sweetheart, Cori spent the last few years homeschooling their two children. Now that they have moved on to post-secondary school, Cori has taken advantage of her “freedom” to begin a career outside the home as well to launch both her jewelry business and her independent film career, and so Prairie Girl Creations was born.

On the jewelry side of things, Cori enjoys creating new and unique items out of chainmail, scale mail, and steampunk items. Each piece is unique as it is created with each customer in mind. This does make the process take a little longer but the finished product is as unique as each customer.

On the film side of PGC, Cori has recently completed her first film which has already been accepted to three film festivals across North America. She is in post-production on two projects, and pre-production on two others. Cori firmly believes that it’s never too late to try something new. This is evident in everything she does. While she is becoming quite the expert in her current designs, that has never stopped her from seeking new items she can create.

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