Alex Abrate

Level Up Dice

Alex Abrate makes Luxury dice. At Level Up Dice we aim to bring you the best in dice with the most sought after materials, we have three stages of quality control to make sure that the dice you get are the best! Our materials range from semi precious stones, to precision metals, and everything in between. We are constantly evolving to come up with new styles of dice, and more accurate, efficient ways to create them.

Alex Abrate has an Australian owned and internationally operated business designed to bring the world high-quality luxury and collectible dice. They are a fast growing company that makes the most amazing luxury dice.

We suggest that when purchasing dice off us to first come check out the dice in person at your local convention; just like when you are buying a diamond, we believe you should check out the dice before purchase. In the event you are unable to check out the dice in person but still would like to make an online purchase, we are always happy to answer any questions for you.

Level Up Dice

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